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Coaching Videos & Tips - February 18 2021 No.692


We regularly talk about doing the right thing. Sometimes, doing the right thing means saying No. This presents the normal mind with a big issue... we don't say No because we don't like what we think might be the potential consequences (you need to read today's Reflection below).




Today's Quick Tip

Read today's Reflection below. If we're going to know when to say "Yes" or "No", we have to be fully present and correct - that's when we do what we need to do to get to where we want to go and forget the rest.

So, today's Quick Tip is really simple: find the closest surface to hand... could be the fabric of your clothing, the top of the table at which you're sitting, the seat of your chair - anything will do. Stop and rub the palm of your hand along the surface, really slowly, really feeling the little sensations on the palm of your hand as if you'd never felt this before.

There you go... you've just got in touch with reality.

And here are loads of other ways in which you can perfect your ability to touch reality...

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The normally-minded person has an enormous issue with saying No. Will our refusal expose us as someone we wouldn't like someone else to think we are? After all, we like to be liked and it's safe to stay close to the herd.

The issue with saying No is intrinsically linked to our addiction to approval - we want others to approve of us because we don't fully approve of ourselves. All too often, we bend over backwards to accomodate people who may, ultimately, neither mean anything to us nor be pivotal in our lives.

I appreciate - the foregoing may sound a little on the selfish side but "good selfish" is (quite obviously) good... you need to look after yourself, you are the most important person in your life.

You might also be thinking that saying "No" to someone now might dismantle a potential change of the kind of synchronicities or coincidences which we have recently been exploring... the kind that lead us to the kind of life we'd love to have. You might think that I'm contradicting my own contention that we never know who we're talking to, we never know who might be the proverbial "next important stranger" in our lives.

But I'm not encouraging anyone to say "No" willy-nilly... anything and everything we do in life will be the right action to take if we've managed to turn up to the here and now. When we do that, not only do we know when and to whom we should say "No", we'll have no problem saying it... it might just even be effortless!


A couple of weeks ago we talked about a French lady taking her boyfriend for a walk... on a leash - to test the law on being able to go out after curfew to let you pet relieve himself! A little crazy - but not as adventurous as those Irish Dental Warriors that we're currently reading about in the Press!

The lady with the leash only walked up the road - Irish holiday-makers are flying by the 'plane load to Tenerife for dental appointments - one making an emergency appointment owing to her acute pain: the appointment was made for two weeks later!

I am fully aware that many people simply don't like Dentists - who knew they would provide the perfect opportunity for one to escape lockdown for the sun, sea and sangria of more exotic climes?

And just a point of clarification: the Dental Clinic with which all these appointments have been made confirmed that no-one - not even one - turned up for any of the appointments.

Put that on a leash and walk it!!


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