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Coaching Videos & Tips - February 11 2021 No.691


No, it's not for relaxation - it's for tuning out the thinking mind so that your doing and knowing mind can spring into action. Today's video explains!




Today's Quick Tip

We're living in, as a client put it to me yesterday, "grey times" - where one day blurs into another and where what we took for granted is not currently available to us.

Time to spice up your life, treat yourself, mix it up a bit. Treat this weekend - or at least part of it - as a holiday. A special meal, a top-class bottle of wine (if that's what turns you on!) - something to add a little colour to the pervading grey.

And, remember, all this will pass.

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I've mentioned the knowing and doing mind above. This part of you - what we might call the unimpeded subconscious, the subconscious free of or beyond your programmed patterned thoughts or what some psychologists term the superconscious mind - knows what's best for you to do right now... hence the knowing and doing!

It is a part of the brain - to be specific the key components of the subcortical brain - that is talking to you all of the time. Only the noise created by your own thoughts divorces you from this all-important seat of personal wisdom. Or, more to the point, it is the noise that you think is created by your thoughts when you give those thoughts your attention.

This is why meditation is oh so very important. You realise that there is no noise. You experience the calm of there being no noise. And, for all too many people, long-term practitioners of meditation, that's it! It's not it - it is the gateway through which we discover that inner wisdom that I've mentioned and the resultant freedom to effortlessly do the right things, in the right way, at the right time.

Think about it - or, perhaps, don't!! Reflect upon it! How effortless would life become when you just do and say the right things, in the right way, at the right time? How joyful each would step forward be towards the kind of life you'd love to experience?

And all you have to do is breathe and, for a few minutes each morning, give that breathing your full and undivided attention. Turn yourself on.


To take steps forward on the road to the life you'd love to live, your subconscious mind needs a sense of where you're headed (just a sense of it). But the ordinary-minded person doesn't have a clue.

For starters, we think that we know what we want and, all too often, that thinking starts with comparing ourselves to other people who we think are in some way better than us or have more that us. Comparative thinking will send you in the wrong direction.

But what about people who change direction as frequently as an Alpine breeze? Someone emailed me recently saying that they would love to move to New Zealand or have a villa on a tropical beach or live by the rugged sea in the West of Ireland. They would love to work for themselves or find a job that would enable them travel. They would love to have a family and love the freedom just to do and go where they want.

Seriously... what chance has their subconscious mind got of knowing where it's headed?


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