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Coaching Videos & Tips - February 4 2021 No.690


Until you love yourself you cannot love anyone else... you can claim to, pretend to - but it's not the real thing. As such, today's video is a worth a couple of minutes of your time. And, if you want to take it with you, just download the audio here.




Today's Quick Tip

I've got lots of feedback from the five Little Steps we took a few days ago. Can I suggest that, today (and for the next few days) you go back and put those little steps into practice again. You'll find all five steps here.

It is important that we use the opportunities with which our daily life presents us to live that daily life to the full.

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Am I being just a little lazy in re-hashing last week's five Little Steps for today's Quick Tip? Not at all... we need to keep re-minding ourselves - once a day each morning is never sufficient.

The key point of revisiting those Little Steps and, more importantly, making up your own, is awfully practical.

When we meditate each morning, we do so in a peaceful and quiet place - or, at the very least, not in front of colleagues we'd prefer not to be on Zoom with! We meditate in our own quiet non-threatening space. But we live our lives in the cut and thrust, rough and tumble of all the heres and nows - with all their issues, challenges, obstacles, problems and normal crazy people. That's when we need to be on our game, that's when we need to be clear, focused, present and calm.

If we don't connect our focus, mindfulness and awareness to the rough and tumble of daily life, how will we know what's going on, how will we know what to and what not to do? When we do turn up, clear and focused, armed with an understanding of what is really going on, we're ready for action - the kind of right action that will enable us move in the direction we truly want our lives to go.

So, use everything life throws at you today as an exercise in living and loving the moment.


We've talked before about how normal crazy people keep on stumbling from one disaster to the next - on what many of you call life's "hamster wheel"! Well, pity my poor friend from last week's story...

Following hard on the heels of his disasterous interview, my friend took himself off for a lads' weekend to the seaside.

And, there, in a nightclub, he found himself dancing the night away - or, should I say, watching everyone dancing the night away.

After a little Dutch courage, he sidled across the dancefloor and tapped a long-haired beauty on the shoulder - whispering in her ear as he did... the bearded rocker turned on his heel and punched my friend's lights out!

A modicum of awareness (never mind some self-awareness) would have saved him a trip to casualty.


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