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Coaching Videos & Tips - January 28 2021 No.689


Often we don't realise the importance of the apparently little steps we're taking today on life's great journey. But, mark my words, every little step we take (or fail to take) has an impact... make sure you're taking the right little steps.




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Today's Quick Tip

We've been talking about allowing things occur to you - what artists call inspiration, what my clients call "pennies dropping". To facilitate this happening effortlessly, we must cultive our mind.?

To coincide (no such thing as a coincidence!) with my big 25th Anniversary, I'm going to send you five short videos over the next five days - each a Little Step that you can take straight away, each designed to cultivate that presence of mind that leads us all effortlessly in the direction we'd love our lives to go.

For today, just let your mind settle into the rythm of your breathing, now and then, as the day progresses and, while you're at it, have a look at all these really cool resources...

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We need to be present even when we don't think it's important. And we need to train ourselves to be alert to the unanticipated - for, as we've been exploring over the last few weeks, we cannot anticipate when something important will happen. In fact, if I put it another way, it's blindingly obvious: we can't anticipate the unanticipated.

And, yet, this is where the real action is. Why? Well, it's our normal mind that anticipates what might happen - and, sadly, it normally anticipates the negative... it's what you and I call "worry"!

In other words, the unanticipated is above and beyond normal - and you know how significant that can be in your life, for your life and in leading you to the life you would really love to experience.

Turning up to now is the start. But it's only part of the equation. We need to be attuned to what we would wish to experience in our ideal life. We need to have set our inner compass. That means that, when we do present ourselves in the here and now, we are primed: ready, willing and able.


You never know when something really important is about to happen... that's been a constant theme over the last few weeks. Pity the poor guy who thought something important was going to happen at 3.00pm when, in fact, it happened five minutes earlier...

He was late for his interview and completely lost his temper with the guy who wouldn't hold the door for him as they entered the building together... if memory serves, he may have shouted that the gentleman in question was an "ignorant little b*****x"!

But, never mind, my friend had, in the end, made it on time. He composed himself, sat and waited to be shepherded up to the Executive Floor - only to be greeted at the Conference Room door by the self-same ignorant little...


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