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Coaching Videos & Tips - January 7 2021 No.686


How will you know the difference between the signifance or otherwise of the present moment if you haven't turned up. That (and plenty more) is what we explore in today's Video.



Today's Quick Tip

As you go about your business today, keep an eye out for little coincidences. Often, we trivialise apparently random coincidences seeing them as no more than an amusement.

But they are neither random nor simply amusing. Today's Video explores this in detail. So that's today's second tip... watch the video!

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It's no coincidence that today's Video and Quick tip - together with this week's podcast episode - are all about... coincidence!

Normally (bad word alert!) we pay scant attention to the little things that we think are a minor amusement - that is assuming that we notice these little quirky occurrences at all. And, yet, they are neither quirky nor should they be taken as an idle amusement... they are the universe teasing us with the possibilities of the moment.

For starters, the noticing of coincidence is a sure and certain sign that you are in Flow. As such, each little coincidence provides you with what the University of Chicago would call the opportunity to experience the feedback loop - a confirmatory sign that you are indeed in the zone and, therefore, an encouragement for you to keep up the good work, so to speak.

But coincidences can also be signposts on the road to the kind of life you'd love to be experiencing. I didn't say they are - I said that could be. How will you know the difference? Well, you obviously will be as clueless as the next normal crazy person if you don't turn up to the here and now.

And that doesn't mean turning up to the moments that you deem, using your thinking mind, to be important... you had better turn up to all of them.


The New Year, warts and all, is upon us. In my case, the "children" have returned, one-by-one to their apartments in Paris. Two of the three of them are working full-time from home - the third has to go into the office a couple of times a week. And it is on her commute that she is met by what could only be described as the stupidest of so-called normal crazy people.

So, here's a question: what do really stupid normal crazy people do on the Paris Metro when they have to sneeze?

You've probably guessed it... they remove their protective facemask!

I give up!


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