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Coaching Videos & Tips - December 17 2020 No.683


As we approach the end of the strangest of years, we need to remember that it's not what's going on outside that matters - it's how we manage it... inside. Give yourself a couple of minutes to watch today's video...



Today's Quick Tip

I want you to take note - you could even do that literally with pen and paper - of how you feel and react to the things that either challenge or delight you today.

In fact, you might do this regularly thereby developing an awareness of how your state of mind ebbs and flows... with the objective in life of entering Flow.

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I find it difficult to believe. This week marks the twelfth anniversary of the first weekly video and tip and all that good stuff. What I really can't believe is that I was only 50 when our weekly videos started... where has the time gone.

Of course, time is relative. Or, in fact, the so-called Arrow of Time is incomprehensible to the doing mind... it's the thinking mind that ties us in the unnecessary and self-destructive knots of thinking back into the past (and, all too often, wallowing there, even enjoying it!) or off into some future that we either do or don't want to happen... either way it's only thinking and that's no use.

We need to liberate our doing mind. And that is simply done indeed. Because, in truth, it is already free to enable us do just what we need to do to get to where we want to go. We just think otherwise.

So, as you know, we stop thinking by practicing being. And, you know, it helps to be aware of the difference... hence today's Quick Tip.


Today's Normal Crazy People story takes us back to Dublin - about 20 years ago. We'd been invited to a house party not so much because the hosts liked their guests... the purpose of the party was to show off their newly-renovated Victorian home. And it was, indeed, beautiful.

They had decided too to go all-out-Victorian... they'd adorned their ten-foot tall Christmas Tree with candles insead of the normal lights.

We later learned that they'd spent Christmas Eve - and a good few days after that - in a local hotel. Fuelled by the merriment of Christmas Eve and little wild dancing, the Christmas Tree and most of the house had gone up in flames.

Careful where you light your Christmas candle!


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