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Coaching Videos & Tips - December 10 2020 No.682


So as it is within, shall it be without... you're going to have to watch today's video to figure this one out.



Today's Quick Tip

No doubt, at some point today, you'll grab yourself a cup of tea or coffee - or, indeed, just a glass of water (it's important to keep yourself hydrated). Don't grab that drink... take the time to stop, sip, smell, taste. Give yourself the time you need and deserve to still yourself in the middle of the rush of everyday life.

And, when you do smell and taste, let it linger, appreciate the moment... allow yourself to enter the reality of the moment - it will set you up for the following moments as the day progresses.

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Some of you will have been asked by me, at some time either recently or over the last few years, what's holding you back. More often than not, I'm told that fear of failure is the main stumbling block that people encounter.

Fear of failure is, like any form of fear, just a thought - or an amalgamation of thoughts because thoughts travel in gangs and mug you!

But, look at the title of today's Video and consider this: in my experience, the truth of the matter is that we are, in general, more afraid of success than failure. Success sets us apart. Many people have said to me, over the years, that, if they were to become a success, they would be afraid they'd lose some of their friends... some friends.

And, we fear, by setting ourselves apart - or "above" - we set ourselves up for a fall... or we're afraid we will!

The key thing is that, regardless of which form your fear takes, none of it is real. It's all imagined from the part of our mind that, in evolutionary times, was designed to ensure that we don't set ourselves apart... that we stay safe.

Where's the adventure in that?

PS... if your life is not a big adventure, what's the point?


Oh the joy of it all... if I've heard it once, I've heard it dozens of times: all those people who turn up unannounced for a "cup of good cheer" can't do it this Christmas. Or, if they do, you've a great excuse to not answer the door!

These people come in all shapes and sizes. Over the years, we had someone who turned up four Christmas Eves in a row for - and I quote - "One of your lovely homemade mince pies"! We never ever otherwise saw or heard from the person in question. And we had to move to France to get away from them (the last bit is a joke, just in case you're wondering)!

But, even if we did, during the time we were off alcohol (we gave it up for a week and stayed off it for four years until our doctor told us to start drinking red wine to better manage our cholestorol!) we had a couple who would arrive unannounced each Christmas Eve, announcing that there was no need for us to worry... they had brought their own supply of booze!

It's the most wonderful time of the year!!


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