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Coaching Videos & Tips - December 03 2020 No.681


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Someone has suggested to me that it's a little strange how I've been "banging on about joy" when so many locked-down people are currently miserable - how a mental health pandemic will follow hard on the heels of the viral wave.

First things first. At the time of the initial lockdown in Spring, a good friend sent me the following text: "The media is calling it a lockdown, a Buddhist calls it a Retreat." As we said last week, life's what you make it.

Secondly, if one were mindful, enjoying the moment, comfortable in one's own skin, lockdown really would be a time of joy and renewal. Let's tease this out: I've been told that people are isolated and lonely. Isolated: a fact! Lonely: a thought!

Thirdly: what if one is worried about one's job or business or what the economic future holds? Well, we all know about the waste of worry, don't we. Not only does it drag you away from the here and now, it invests your energy in what you don't want to happen.

The upshot of all this is simple: enjoy yourself... watch today's Video!


I feel like breaking into song because... It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

At this time of year, the local supermarket installs a table beyond the checkouts where you can make a donation to have something you've purchased giftwrapped.

On Monday morning the table was unmanned (or unwomanned just to be sure to be sure!) except for a very well-to-do looking shopper, beautifully attired in a sheepskin coat and made up to the nines.

The lady in question - a shopper - was ripping off a whole reel of wrapping paper. By the time she was done, she must have stolen the equivelent of four or five rolls of paper under her arm.


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