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Coaching Videos & Tips - November 26 2020 No.680


Either way - willingly or completely unwittingly - you create your life. Only a fool would allow themselves automatically create a repetitive less-than-wonderful life. And I know you're not a fool... otherwise you wouldn't be reading this!


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For all the neurons (approximately 100 billion) and all the neural connections (approximately 100 trillion) in your brain, the neural processes that create the moment-to-moment experience of what you call your life are awfully simple, even primative.

Or should that last sentence read pseudo-experience? Because a life created on Autopilot is not experienced... automated existence takes place a few thought-induced steps removed from the life that we can all really and truly live moment-to-moment.

And there really is only the thinnest of veils between a ghostly existence and the wonderful effortless adventure of a life in Flow. And the difference is down to simple choice.

Each time you take a breath, you choose. Each time you take a sip of coffee, bite a piece of food, shift in your chair, put one foot in front of the other, you choose. That choice is normally automatic. And, when we're on automatic, our life is created automatically by the same thoughts we've been employing since childhood.

When you deliberately choose, those thought-programs stop creating that pseudo-experience and you start truly experiencing the moment.

And that is the gateway to the life that you can, at will, create for yourself.






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