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Coaching Videos & Tips - November 19 2020 No.679


OK. I'm sorry, you're going to have to watch the video to find out what I'm talking about... I insist!


Today's Quick Tip

A little looking backwards today... because we all have what psychology calls positive mental resources.

I would like you to think about a time, an event or circumstances in which you surprised yourself - obviously in the best possible way.

We need to remind ourselves of our own strengths, skills and achievements because, left to its own devices our subconscious mind's autopilot will constantly remind us of our faults and failings.


Today's Quick Tip could be open to misinterpretation: what you strengths, skills and achievement, together with your faults and failings are wholly real.

In the heat of a crisis - when we do often surprise ourselves - our strengths are, indeed, real... they are our survival instincts at their best.

And all our achievements are real - but they are the result of our believing we could achieve. In other words, they are dictated by what we think and how we feel about ourselves. But be careful to give credit where it's due: the resulting achievements are indeed real-world events.

The same could be said of our faults and failings: they are, indeed, the stuff with which our life is punctuated. But that punctuation is, more often than not, repetitive - because, like everything we believe about ourselves, we perceive, experience and achieve according to our expectations.

And, seeing as how we're wired to select negative thought programs over positive ones, the truth of the matter is that the normal life is punctuated by our living down to our expectations.

That's why I'm constantly talking about uplifting ourselves, for starters, rising beyond our negative self-perceptions. But, more importantly, giving ourselves the kind of new expectations that simply facilitate those old thought programs fading into obscurity.






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