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Coaching Videos & Tips - November 12 2020 No.678


How you're feeling now is, believe it or not, a matter of choice. In today's video we explore a really simple practical example of what I'm talking about.


Today's Quick Tip

If you pick up on the message in today's Video, you'll be able to practice today's Quick Tip without my even telling you!

OK, OK... stop and notice exactly how you're feeling right now. Once you've observed that, take a deep breath and hold it (not for too long!) and observe that.

Now, with a clearer mind, you're ready, willing and able for the task in hand, whatever that might be.


Take a look at today's Quick Tip. Being clear and present, being ready, willing and able for the task in hand puts us in a different place to all normal crazy people. The difference? It's called living. Operating on Autopilot, as the normal mind does, is called existing. And there's a world of difference.

Essentially, as you might be beginning to realise, we're talking about choice... exercising choice deliberately (not automatically).

You and I have a choice right now: drift through this here and now by simply existing or live the moment to the full.

It's a choice you don't make in the morning when you meditate (you do meditate in the morning, don't you!). It's not a choice you make before (what you think might be) and important meeting - it's a choice we need to make now, now and now - one now at time.

We equip ourselves to make this choice by meditating each morning and by taking little pauses like the one suggested in today's Quick Tip.






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