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Coaching Videos & Tips - October 29 2020 No.676


This video contains a very important message related directly to you, your life and how and when to live it.


Today's Quick Tip

Throw yourself headlong into today. Regardless of today's challenges, irritations and perceived pains in the a**, remember that you have the opportunity of living through all of them today, one breath at a time.

Your life is a gift: unwrap it, celebrate it. Above all, live it like you mean it.

Stop now and reflect on what you have and how good it is, just here and now, to be alive.

Often, in advertising, you'll find the phrase There's Not a Moment to Lose. I've used it myself on occasion. The phrase succinctly sums up the urgency of living life to the full. It is a matter of great urgency.

You may recollect Tony deMello's question: if you don't expect to find happiness within, where on earth would you expect to find it. Let's repurpose that and ask ourselves the question: if you're not going to live your life to teh full today, when were you thinking of starting?

If you're caught in patterned thought - what a client described to me yesterday as The Circle of Doom - you're merely surviving and only hanging on by the skin of your teeth at that. There is almost no tangible relationship between making it through a thought-fuelled automated day and living.

There is no merit in my suggesting that you should live your life today as if it were your last - that's completely stupid. Instead, as in today's Quick Tip, I strongly suggest that you live today like you mean it... and I mean it!

How is this to be achieved? Simply: start your day like you mean to continue it - with a few minutes (that's all it takes) proper meditation. And stop yourself during the day to hit the reset button to bring yourself back to the wonder of the opportunity of life, one breath at a time.

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Quick one this week... visited two boulangeries in search for (a particular kind of) bread yesterday morning: the first directed the socially-distanced queue past two electronic entrances to an entrance with a heavy door that every single person had to open by hand!

The second's entrance door's spring was broken. So, not only did each individual have to open it by hand, they had to hold it for the next customer. The door in question has been damaged since the middle of March!

Neither had hand sanitiser!


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