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Coaching Videos & Tips - December 18 2018 No. 585


We all know something about "visualization" - or we think we do. But there's a whole body of science behind a process that, in fact, involves all five senses... you need to watch today's video.


And I don't just mean all the videos in this mini-series. I mean all the videos, all the way back to December 2008, is available in The Archive


Today's Quick Tip

I've two questions for you to consider over the coming holiday break. #1 - What do you want less of in your life? #2 - What does a really happy day look and feel like for you?

Allied to today's video, you can see where this is going... literally!

Remember, we're in a mini-series of videos you'll find the earlier ones here:

Reflections on Mindfulness

As I've said above, we all know something about "visualization" or, at the very least, have heard of it. I've but the word in "" because it doesn't really do credit to the scientifically validated process, nor does it emphasize the extent to which we need to involve all five senses in the process.

The key point that you need to understand is that, when we visualize something that has not yet happened, something that we would dearly like to achieve; when we see this something in our mind's eye, when we actually take ourselves through the process of seeing it as if we're already there, the brain's visual cortex is fired up as if we're actually there. The brain doesn't know the difference between current "reality" and the reality we would love to create. As odd as this may sound, this is how your brain works anyway - two people could be experiencing the same thing and each would see their own version of reality... the simplest everyday example of this is how one person's motivation is another's stress.

But let's not digress into stress - there's enough of that around (or, at least, there appears to be!). What you need to understand is that, in scientific fact, seeing is believing. Yes, I know every Santa Claus movie churns out some version of this phrase... but it is a scientificially valid statement nevertheless!

Secondly, visualization under-explains the process. You need to employ all your senses in "seeing" the future you want. Some talk of the sweet smell of success, for others it's a taste. Some hear the sounds of excitement that go with achievement but, most importantly, happiness and success is a feeling.

Normal Crazy People - Mindlessness in Action

I've been flying a lot in the last few weeks - I mean in planes, rather than my life and business... although that's been flying too!

Flew into Dublin twice in those weeks to the same welcome from the ground staff. Nobody was on hand to, firstly, organize the flight's arrival gate and, then, nobody was around to bring the steps of "airbridge" to the aircraft's door. On one flight, the Captain quipped "Looks like they weren't expecting us!"

I can just picture the mayhem in the airport... "What? A plane? A plane has landed here in the airport?" Shock and horror!

Of course, at least I didn't have the same experience as my wife a couple of years ago... when someone did eventually arrive, they crashed the airbridge into the plane, damaging the doors, so that everyone had to leave by the back steps!


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