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Coaching Videos & Tips - December 4 2018 No. 583


You're going to have to watch today's video to find out what I'm talking about... sorry about that! No, I'm not really, I don't record these videos for my own amusement - they are (for the next few weeks) all about simple steps we can all take to get and keep ourselves focused.


Today's video is part of a series of four... Four Things That You Can Do To Make 2019 Great! As you'll see above, these are simple highly practical tips - stuff that you can and should do right away. Keeping our mind clear and focused makes all the difference in our minds, to make all the difference in our lives.

Oooh, and Don't Forget... every single video, article and tip, all the way back to December 2008, is available in The Archive


Today's Quick Tip

Two tips this week...

First of all - watch today's video! It's only four minutes long and it's important (assuming you want to be at your very best today and every day).

Secondly... do what the video suggests. Might take longer than four minutes, mightn't get it all done today - but the sooner you start the better.

Say no more... watch today's video!!

Reflections on Mindfulness

Over the next few weeks, we'll be exploring practical steps that we can take to ensure that we are, every day, mentally on top of our game. The steps I'm proposing - starting with today's video above - are akin to elements of a full mental program to keep us zoned in throughout each day because it is simply not good enough to just start the day the way you intend to proceed... we must keep ourselves on our toes.

There are all sorts of people and things that can side-track us: from so-called "Energy Vampires" (spend half an hour with one of these glass-half-empty people and you're only fit for a lie-down!) to the sh*t stirrer (always game for a gossip or a bit of knife-twisting); from our inbox to the wonderful (not) noise in our own heads... there's plenty to keep us occupied in all the wrong ways. And, unless you deliberately go out of your way to keep yourself on your toes, you will inevitably slip on one of these proverbial bananas.

Over the years I've met lots of people who clear their mind first thing in the morning only to lose it by lunchtime - or, if the traffic was really awful, by the time they arrive at work! And over the last few years I've been encouraging people to "mini-meditate" but the only word they seem to hear is "mini" - and if something sounds insignificant it probably is!

Not so, not so. We all need to push the reset button during the day to, well, reset our minds. And the funny (or great) thing is, the more you do it, the more you simply find yourself doing it.

So, there you are, two ideas for the price of one today!

Normal Crazy People - Mindlessness in Action

What is wrong with people in a rush?

Four times in the last two weeks, I have been in traffic behind people who are in such a rush that, when they reach a red traffic light, they screech to a halt just beyond the signal... so they can't see when it goes green! And, in each case, either myself or someone (in a rush) behind me has to alert them to the fact that they can now screech off to the next set of traffic lights!

Or, yesterday morning in Geneva Airport (and I saw exactly the same thing last week in Dublin Airport). Some people feel the need to be at the top of the queue... before the 'plane has even arrived! And, then, when the ground staff do announce that they're ready to go, the people at the top of the queue have to be asked five times to board... yes, yesterday morning, on the fifth attempt, the lady checking passengers through had to leave her desk and tap the woman at the top of the queue on the shoulder!


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