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Coaching Videos & Tips - March 5 2020 No.642


What constitutes proper mental exercising? - you know, the kind that transforms the parts of the brain that nothing else can touch!  Our series on Mindfulness progresses today as we get into some of the nuts and bolts.

And there's plenty more - 643 plenty mores - in The Archive!


Today's Quick Tip

Do you know why you got out of bed this morning?  Regardless of what time it is right now, it's time to take stock...

What are you trying to achieve today?  Where does it fit into the greater scheme of things?  Are there challenges facing you today?  Are you meeting them or thinking about meeting them?  You know yourself which is more effective and efficient.

Give yourself a little elbow room - right here, right now - to do a little stock-take!!

People - sometimes you and I - behave badly.  It's only natural and to be expected. 

If we don't have our wits about us, we are bound to misbehave.  And, sadly, most people are witless, clueless to what is actually happening now and what to do about it.  And, I'm not just talking about big issues like climate change.  I'm talking about the small stuff.  For example, in the midst of the current outbreak of coronavirus, I still see people couching, open-mouthed, on a display of fruit and vegetables!

This kind of carry on is witless, clueless, mindless.  And this is the exact reason why we need to not just consider the alternative but actually do something about it... starting with ourselves.  The alternative to being mindless?   Being mindful, of course.  Hence our current video series.

Let's consider a couple of key points - starting with the obvious.  Only you can look after your own state of mind.  Only you can choose to be mindful or stay mindless.  And it is a real and real-time choice you have to make.  Right now.  And now, again.  There is no point whatsoever in even attempting to call someone else out on their misbehaviour if you're not doing something about your own.  Everything we want to do in life, including helping others, starts with helping ourselves.

Second point... this is urgent.  You're not going to live forever.  If you're not planning to live your life today, when were you thinking about doing it?  Your time is short and precious.  Each moment presents you with challenges - opportunities to transform imperfect moments into perfect ones.  Each moment presents you with opportunities that will, if you're right-minded, lead you effortlessly to where you want to go.  But you've got to turn up to these moments - otherwise not only are they gone, everything that they offered you is gone too.

So, here's the challenge.  And, in reality, it is the only real challenge in your life.  Are you up to taking the little steps today that will enable you grab a hold of the levers of power in your own head?  Now.

I'm not really sure if I can figure out what exactly is going on. 

Over the last couple of weeks, as I've sat down to do my Facebook Live video (that would be at 1.00pm GMT every Tuesday - for 30mins) - my neighbour starts shouting and screaming... I think you may actually be able to hear it in some of the videos which, if you're interested, you'll find here.

I've done a little investigating - without actually asking him what the hell is actually going on and, for starters, I've discovered something bizarre: both my neighbour and his neighbour a little further up the road appear to meet up at pretty much the same time most days... for a shouting match.  And, it's not pretty stuff: the language is choice; the blood pressure is up; I suspect it would get physical if my neighbour was young and healthy and his opponent wasn't a very elderly lady!

What are they fighting about?  As far as I can gather, it has something to do with his marauding chickens - who treat the road and various pieces of land as their own.

You may well have heard the expression that some people would fight about two flies going up a wall... well we've got the chicken version.


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