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Coaching Videos & Tips - January 16 2020 No.635


How do you recognise an opportunity when you see one? And how frightened are you of taking the plunge? Don't be shy about answering this question... we're designed to be frightened! Do you want to learn how to throw unnecessarycaution to the wind?

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Today's Quick Tip

Throw caution to the wind today - rattle your own cage - do something daring - discomfort yourself.

Needn't be anything big - no grand gestures required... as you know the greatest of journeys starts with the smallest of steps.


I mention in today's video that I'm launching an all-new free 2hrs training on Tuesday next, Jan.21st.  It's almost ready and, as a regular reader and viewer, I'm going to offer you early access the minute it's ready... keep an eye open, I reckon I'll be emailing you tomorrow.

Today's Normal Crazy People story talks about two of the three by-words of the French Republic: equality and fraternity.  I want to talk about the other one here... liberty.

Neither you nor I is free - liberty - even the possibility of it - is an illusion.  We are prisoners to our past, our culture, our shared beliefs and misconceptions.  We are neither free women nor men.

Unless - and I quote one of my longest-standing clients on this - you meditate every morning: "I know it sounds strange, but it is actually liberating" - that's the quote.

And, of course, it is.  In liberating our own mind from our own thoughts, we completely and utterly liberate ourselves from every single imaginary obstacle that our own thoughts led us to believe were in our way.  We liberate ourselves from our misgivings about ourselves, we liberate ourselves from our discomfort in being brave and bold, we liberate ourselves from our own fears. 

Most of all, we liberate ourselves from our evolutionary baggage.   We "flip" our subcortical brain from being focused on threat to being focused on opportunity - hence today's Video - we set our very own personal evolutionary trajectory off in an entirely novel direction.

This  is not motivational BS that I'm talking - this is simple scientific fact, proven again and again and again.  You can take your very own next step in your own personal evolution and, as I discussed on Facebook LIVE last Tuesday, the results have a direct and powerful impact on those around us, especially those we love.

I was admiring what looked like a candy floss cloud sitting atop Mont Blanc a couple of days ago (the picture's on my Instagram feed) when I was almost run over by a train.  OK, I was standing in the middle of a level crossing when the barriers started dropping - but that's not the only normal crazy part of this story.

What's really crazy is that the train in question was one of only a handful that has come through Sallanches in the last month... the train drivers have been on strike since December 5th - maybe you've read about it - big French strikes over pension reform.  Or, maybe you haven't noticed, because strikes in France are, well, normal crazy.

In the spirit of equality and fraternity, the train drivers want to continue to be able to retire at age 50 with a pension based on the average of their last six months salary.

Seeing as the average French worker retires at age 63 with a pension based on the average of their previous 26 years salary, I'm struggling to find the equality and fraternity in that.

I suppose some people are just more equal than others.


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