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Coaching Videos & Tips - March 28 2019 No.597


There's a part of you that knows best - some call it "gut instinct", others "feminine intuition", science calls it the insula and the amygdala... today's video explores how, using the ordinary routine of our everyday (or every night) lives, we can bring this "knowing" into play.


Today's Quick Tip

I'm picking up on the last two weeks' Quick Tips - you can get at them here - and suggesting today that you bring your gut instinct into play in this process... today's video explains. You see, all the bits are beginning to come together.

And, yes, the excitement is becoming unbearable!!!

What a gripping life I lead! We're just a couple of issues short of No. 600! But, for now, you can browse all the other 596 videos, tips and articles in The Archive!

I want to attempt to tie together the threads from the last five videos (today's included) into a coupe of simple messages. You see, one of the issues that I constantly confront with clients is that so much has been written about "mindfulness" and how to achieve your goals (sometimes it's been suggested that all you need to do is expect them to happen, sit back and await the magic!!!) that there's is a thick fog of nonsense through which people are trying to find their way.

The mind works in a very simple fashion. I won't bother with all the research - we've covered it one way or another over the yeares together. Our programs provide us with our expectations. What we expect dictates what we perceive (including what we perceive about ourselves). This creates our very personal version of reality, in the face of which we automatically react (this is managed by our programs) to what we think is going on.

When we set our mind to achieve new goals - in the fashion that we've covered in recent videos - we reset our internal expectations. In effect we reprogram ourselves. Having done that, the process that I've described above continues to work - but with programs we've selected.

The problem we continually face, though, is that our subconscious has a preference for negative programs and, in all probability, it has been exercising that preference since we were 12 or 13 years old. In order to arrest that process we need to continually develop, maintain and cultivate our presence of mind through mental exercising. This is how what I describe as "The Two-Piece Jigsaw" works... you can't have one piece without the other.

In cultivating this presence of mind, that presence itself enhances our understanding of what we might wish to achieve, what new "Perfect Moments" we might envisage... this is how the two pieces of the jigsaw are joined in a merry dance.

There are various conflicting pieces of research - some of them a little vaue - on how long it takes to embrace a new habit... I bring this up because I am continually trying to get people to meditate every day - yes every day. Some suggest it takes just 21 days, others a little longer. I've recently come across a personal development guru suggest that it takes 66 days... which is the real reason I bring this up.

The "guru" in question shall remain nameless - I'm big into protecting the guilty although, being well known, you may know who I'm talking about.

The point is that we're all susceptible to a little normal crazy thinking (and we all know where that leads!)... this individual is telling people it takes 66 days to embrace a new habit by offering them a one-month membership to his new program... do the math yourself!


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