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Coaching Videos & Tips - March 20 2019 No.596


No, we're not talking about ballroom dancing - but we are talking about putting your best foot forward. Today's video has the details.


Today's Quick Tip

How's your "shopping list" coming along? You see the life we really want is akin to enjoying the most delicious Boeuf Bourguignon - you'll never get to savour the wonderful flavours if you haven't added the right ingredients! So, if you must, have a look at last week's Quick Tip... and keep writing.

The Excitement is Mounting

What a gripping life I lead! I'm all excited about Issue No. 600! But, for now, you can browse all the other 595 videos, tips and articles in The Archive!

This week, I've decided to have a bit of a rant about all the normal madness around... perhaps I'm normal and crazy myself.

First of all, I have to mention that I was very fortunate to choose my pointy shoes yesterday afternoon for, when crossing the road (on a pedestrian crossing) a driver, who was deeply engrossed in texting, run over the tip of my right foot! And that leads me to what I want to talk about... devicitis. The only reason you won't find the word in any dictionary is that the academics are a little slow on the uptake - or, perhaps, their suffering from the same dis-ease (deliberately hypenated!)... addiction to their devices.

Before we move on, however, I need to point out that 70% of pedestrians killed on French roads are killed on pedestrian crossings and, if you are lucky enough to have a motorist stop to let you cross, they expect to the thanked... my daughter once omitted to thank what looked like a middle-aged gentleman motorist who then went to the trouble of rolling down his window and screaming "Salope de merde" at her (Google it, I've no intention of translating).

But back to the dis-ease of device addiction. The same daughter that I just mentioned tells me that, whilst waiting outside her office in Paris to meet a friend, one of her work colleagues gave the passing crowd a great laugh by walking into a stop sign... she didn't bump into, she didn't bang her knee, she met the stop sign face first! Wouldn't that have made a great Instastory!

Of course, although experts are now beginning to talk about the dangers of device-itis, this is not a recent problem... I know of at least one early adopter! Many years ago (we still lived in Dublin) I was sitting in my friend's office whilst he spoke to one of his sales managers who was on his "mobile" phone (they resembled concrete blocks at the the time). Right in the middle of the conversation, there was a bang and the 'phone went dead. Some hours later, after a ring around the hospitals, we found out that the guy had been hit by a bus! Yes, we often talk about throwing people under the proverbial bus... he was so engrossed in the 'phone conversation that he walked straight out into the road, into one! Luckily, the only thing that was hurt was his pride!

It's often said that evolution moves grindingly slowing and, as one psychologist has put it, by the time our brains evolve to appreciate that, when we sit behind the wheel of a car, we are in charge of a potentially lethal weapon, we'll be teleporting (or fried!). It seems that we're not even able to use our mobile devices without hurting someone - most obviously ourselves!


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