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Coaching Videos & Tips - March 14 2019 No.595


We're still exploring "perfect moments" or goals or whatever you want to call the outcomes that you really, really want. And, you know, it's really, really important that we should do this becuase it will enable us (yes, I'm learning too) understand fully what we and our lives are really all about...


Today's Quick Tip

Start a "shopping list"... get yourself a small notebook (you can't put this on your 'phone, you're going to have to use pen and paper). And start reflecting on this question: What do you really enjoy? Don't write anything straight away - the subconscious needs to let this question ferment and percolate. But make sure that, when the subconscious starts providing the answers, you have that pen and paper to hand.

Just Five More Weeks to Go!

The excitement is... whatever! Not far off Issue No. 600! In the meantime, don't forget, all my weekly videos, tips and articles are available in The Archive - you'll find all kinds of everything!!

Reflections on Mindfulness

A couple of recent discussions prompt me to talk about disappointment and perseverance today. We often wonder why we haven't scaled the heights of whatever challenge we've set ourselves. We often say to ourselves "well, maybe this is just the way it's meant to be" and, as a result of this mild version of defeat, pull back on our hopes and dreams. But this perspective comes from our thinking mind - not the childlike mind that, in even pure mechanical terms, runs our everyday lives. There is little point in calling this kind of thought "defeatest" - let's call it what it is... just one more useless thought heaped upon the big bag of useless thoughts that we carry around with us every day.

If something that you truly would love to experience (note I'm not talking about "have" because I don't want to confuse goals with material goals - although that does not exclude material goals from the picture) has not happened, if you have fallen short, you need to realize that what you want hasn't happened... yet. You've fallen short... for now.

I don't have the word-for-word research at my fingertips - because it comes from the University of Madrid's Business School and it's in Spanish - but a good friend in Valencia has paraphrased it for me... the most successful people in business are those that have failed at least four times. About one in five try a second time having stumbled on their first attempt. Only one in ten will try a third time, having fallen at the second fence. Only one in one hundred will get up dust themselves off and try a fourth time and only one in ten thousand will try for a fifth time. This last cohort are the exceptionally successful. They are not normal, they are not ordinary.

But, given the chance to be exceptional, who would want to be described as either?

Coaching Video Series

This morning I have a question for you... I asked it by email a couple of weeks ago and have got many replies. To all those who have replied so far "Thank You".

But, I'm constantly trying to ensure that I give the value you want - not the value that I think you want. So here's that question again:

What obstacles do you face when you think about your big life goals? 

I'll say no more, won't elaborate, won't get in your way. But would love your answers... you know where to email me.


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