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Coaching Videos & Tips - January 16 2019 No.588


It's amazing. People tell me it works - that they have real-life experience of it working for them... never mind all the research confirming that it works. I know it works - I've plenty of experience of it working for me and my family. And, yet, people seem to "forget" to do it. And, no, I'm not talking about meditation... you'll have to watch the video to find out what I'm talking about!


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Today's Quick Tip

Select something particular that you want to achieve in the next week or two... something concrete, something for which you could give yourself a big pat on the back, something that would merit a little celebration (or a lot!).

Think about how you'd like to feel having achieved your objective. List the things and people you might see around you as you celebrate. Jot down a few bullet points about how you would feel and what you'd be hearing. You might even scribble out a few points on what you'd smell and taste.

String together all your notes - into one handwritten piece of flowing prose, writing in the present tense as if you're already there.

Reflections on Mindfulness

I understand that it is both too grand and factually incorrect to state that we are in charge of our own destiny. I neither know the day nor the hour when all this of what I call my life will come to an end. Nor am I in control of external forces. However I do know some well confirmed scientific facts.

My life is a string of self-fulfilling prophecies fashioned by my subconscious mind's programmed and patterned beliefs, expectations and, as a consequence, my reactions and behaviours. My formative learning colours all my encounters and experiences. My brain is designed to make my daily life predictable, using these early learnings.

I also know that, if I change my subcsonscious expectations, which is tantamount to changing some or many of my beliefs, the same process of self-fulfilling prophecy will continue - though, now, it will be driven by my chosen expectations. Furthermore, I know that, if I train my mind to focus on the task in hand in the here and now, my mind will stop paying attention to my otherwise intrusive mental chatter. And, by virtue of the fact that I will, through this mental training, have engaged my brain's centre of conscious awareness, my key decision-making an problem-solving hardware will be fully functional, enabling me become and agile and focused player in my life. This changes my daily experience from existing to living.

All this means that, although I am still not in control of my destiny, I am able to properly influence every encounter, interaction and opportunity in my daily life, starting right here and now.

Just thought it might be useful to mention all this!

Normal Crazy People - Mindlessness in Action

I recently had an interesting conversation, over a pint, with an old friend who, when I met him first, was always under pressure, always in a rush and never on time for anything. He hasn't changed!

He talked about how, if he had to travel to a meeting, he would stay in the office until (well beyond) the last minute, doing stuff that didn't needed doing. As a result, he arrive stressed and late for his meeting knowing full well that, for the whole meeting, he'd be worried about when the meeting would end and getting stressed about how late he'd be for his next meeting. He was never physically on time and never mentally present at all.

I quoted one of my clients to him for, many years ago, this particular client was asked how he was always so punctual. His answer "I'm always on time because I always leave on time!"


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