Boggles - Mindfulness Videos Articles and Tips November 9 2017 No. 536

Changing My Underwear!

We're not into change and the fact that we're "hardwired" to resist it means that we end up being afraid of it. Yet, in some way or other, we all want our lives to change... that means you've got to do something different!


Mindfulness Tip

Today's video says it all... make it your business to turn up to your life today. Star in your own show! Do something different today that will make a difference, that will move you in the direction you want your life to go, rather than simply going 'round and 'round on normal life's automatic sorry-go-'round.


Reflections on Mindfulness

We're forever thinking and thinking ourselves around in ever-decreasing circles. The research is conclusive - of the 70,000 thoughts you have in your head today, 97% (at least) are the same as yesterday's - and tomorrow will be Groundhog Day - you can bet on it. These swirling thoughts latch onto today's challenges, problems and little petty annoyances and maginify them. Suddenly, a nothing that will pass becomes a something that drives us to distraction - literally.

We even think about our meditation - was it as good this morning as yesterday's (assuming you're even disciplined enough to meditate two days in a row!), why is at not as good as when I started out (I'll deal with this in next week's video), wouldn't I be better off just getting on with the rush and urgency of today's nonsense (because a lot of what's urgent is actually nonsense - it's what's important that matters... obviously!

Your goal should be to stop thinking. Some of us are actually paid to think (or that is what we think!) whereas what we're actually paid to do is apply our skill, experience and knowledge - not to indulge the 70,000 pieces on nonsense in our head. You need to stop thinking. After you meditate don't analyse it. Don't look before you leap into something that feels right - your gut instinct always trumps your thinking.

The thoughts we all have rattling around in our head are designed to enable us make it through the day, each day, every day... isn't your life about more than that?

Mindfulness Workshops

The Psychology of Success will take place again in Dublin on Tuesday January 16th 2018. As any of you who have participated already know, participant numbers are limited to eight and the average number is more like five or six. It's an intensive experience and is meant to be... it also happens to be a really relaxing day! So, if you know anyone who wants to come along to the IMI in Sandyford on Tuesday January 16th, share this page with them. And, if you're ready to change your own life yourself, you'll find all the details here...

Normal Crazy People - Mindlessness in Action

Some people really don't know how to behave themselves. Lisa has just returned from the gym where, for the umpteenth, there was an argument going on in the carpark... day in, day out, a particular lady always parks in the Disabled Parking Bay. Yes, mentally challenged she may be but she's sure as hell not entitled to park there!

But it gets better because, just down the road, in the main shopping centre carpark, we've just seen a tourist's campervan, with a trailer in tow, parked right across the middle of the four Disabled Parking spots right at the front entrance to the shops. There's normal, there's crazy and then there's downright...


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