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You (actually just your thoughts!) are all that stands between you and success and happiness. And that is very good news indeed - because if you're the problem, you're also the solution. It all boils down to how you manage your state of mind... normally, we don't! Evolution has"wired" us so that make it through the day on auto-pilot... mindlessly. To achieve the kind of life - career, business, health and happiness - that you really really want, you need to change all that. This how-to one day workshop will enable you do just that.


Focus - evolution has "wired" your brain for survival... not for focus.

Banish Stress - the stress response is hardwired too - it saved your life 10,000 years ago - now it's killing you

Set your goals properly - so you actually expect them to happen

Act - to what you need to do to get to where you want to go... effortlessly. It's the exact opposite of how you normally automatically react.

Modern neuroscience tells us how to "rewire" your brain to get it working for you... to enable you live the life you want.


The core program includes 58 videos (8hrs) and 40 Program exercises. Bonus videos (currently 9) and downloadable mental exercises (currently 114) are added regularly... and everything's backed up by an extensive knowledge base. Live webinars with Willie Horton and lifelong access to the Progam ensure that you have everything you need to change your life.

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"A 'must have' for every business person that benefits both work and personal life" Bruno Bert, Global Director Maternal Nutrition, Nestlé

"By simply being mindful, we are focused and when we are focused in the right way on the right things then our success is assured" Pat O'Donnell, SVP, Global Manufacturing, Allergan Pharmaceuticals


Success and happiness is all about focus: paying attention to the here and now - in other words, mindfulness (the exact opposite of ordinary everyday mindlessness!) But there's more, it's about focusing with your your goals in your mind.

This Psychology of Success Online Program equips and continually supports you to get these two inter-connected pieces working together for you - every single day from now on. Little wonder that many previous participants describe the experience as life-changing.

Each Program is personally moderated by Willie Horton. That means that The Psychology of Success Online Program is only available twice each year... and it is not currently available. But, for now, you can get going with FREE weekly videos and tips... directly to your inbox.

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"This is a very different course and without doubt it will change the way you approach life. Its attraction is its simplicity and participants very quickly become immersed in the sessions. I'd recommend this course to anyone, I found it fantastic." John Crowe, CEO, Kestrel Capital

"Great insights into the process of achieving better focus and reducing the impact of distractions" Ronan Nolan, Chairman, Deloitte & President of the Institute of Chartered Accountants


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