I started listening to Willie on Facebook and Spotify at a time in my life when I felt like I was making a lot of bad decisions and going down the wrong roads. Within a very short time I was back on track and enjoying life again.

Willie has made it all very simple to follow and is always on hand if I ever have trouble understanding something. After a few weeks I joined the Online Program 'The Psychology Of Success'.

Once again I found it to be really simple to follow and the group zoom sessions with Willie and the other members are a great support. We talk about how the program is working for us as individuals and being able to ask questions live is really helpful.

My mind is clearer and there are no days where I feel down in the dumps. Willie has shown me how to grasp the moment and live my life to the full. I have found that I don’t miss out on opportunities that are good for me and I instinctively know when something is not.

The program is now a way of life for me and I will treasure it as long as I live.

Rosemary Creaven

London UK


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