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A comprehensive online thirty day program. Each day you'll receive an email with a new video and exercises. And, even better, you'll have continuing access to the entire program - so you can work at whatever pace suits you best - visiting and re-visiting as you wish. The program includes:

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The Psychology of Success costs €750... for that you will have continuing access to the entire program - and more*.

NOTE: Registration is currently closed... for two reasons:

  1. Psychology and neuroscience continues to make such exciting discoveries - about how we can manage our mind and what that does for our health and life - that I am currently completely updating the Program
  2. Because the Program is intensive, I need to ensure that everyone who signs up gets the support they need - so I only take a limited number of participants each time I open the Program for Registration.

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* There are actually more than 30 videos in the Program - there are 30 core seminars but there are also a number of bonus mini-programs on things like goal-setting and decision-making... and lots more.


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