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With a uniquely interconnected psychology-focused Knowledge Base and the Mindfulness Measurement Index™ evaluation and action-planning tool, psyberCoach™ will enable you provide your clients with a simple, practical, evidence-based approach to decision-making, dealing with stress, striking the right work/life balance and developing goals and strategies beyond the way we ordinarily think.

The psyberCoach™ Platform

The Mindfulness-Based Leadership Development & Team Building Platform for Coaches includes:

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psyberCoach™ is a unique psychology-based platform enabling the consultant or coach provide mindfulness-based coaching and leadership development. The approach - called Purposeful Focus - creates long-term high-value client relationships, particularly in the corporate environment, where it has an established track record in delivering tangible, measureable, long-term results to business leaders and their organizations.

psyberCoach™ is independently accredited by the UK's CPD Standards Office and the French Govenment's Department for Enterprise and provides the coach with more than 30hrs CPD or CECs.

Access to psyberCoach™ Community - with practitioners in the US, UK, Ireland and France - is strictly controlled - one may only join on two occasions each year. On entry, a full mentoring program is provided. In addition, the psyberCoach™ Community regularly meets via Zoom video conferencing.

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