The State of You

Jan.7th - a full week into the new year… how have all the “nows” been since we made that “fresh start” that we always “think” the new year is going to be? How well do we fool ourselves that we’re up for, ready and willing to change… and nothing much does? We’re talking real change - cellular level change - in this Facebook Live event - real change and how to actually DO it.



Willie's approach is unique - you won’t hear this stuff anywhere else. And challenging because Willie doesn’t just preach his philosophy on life he lives it! - Clodagh Hughes, Owner, Motive8



Living in the Here and Now and learning to Act instead of spending time thinking has been the most important learning I have had in my living and working life.  Willie Horton helped me to learn how to act and really live in the here and now and it has changed my life. - Donald Williamson, Sales Director, Britvic



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