DNA and Tennis Balls

What happens when you start taking control of your own state of mind? Well, for starters to you can manage your stress (manage it away!) - but that’s just for starters. Taking control of how you think changes everything - starting with your own brain. But there’s more, much more… and you’re going to have to watch Tuesday if you want to know what DNA and Tennis Balls actually means!



Love your use of humour as well, there is nothing worse than people taking themselves or life too seriously! Great tools which I will continue to use every day, thank you - Emma Graham, Image and Lifestyle Consultant



What I find remarkable is the discipline that he demonstrates, with the publication of his weekly videos, to back up the words and ideas with his own practice and 'way of being'... and the unselfconscious generosity that he shows by sharing his insights. He's a rare and valuable gem! - Mike Alsop, Owner, Mike Alsop Development



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