My name is Ciaran Camplisson. I am in my mid 50's, live near Glasgow in Scotland with my wife Jean and am a Civil Engineer.

I heard about Willie and The Psychology of Success programme from my sister who has been engaged with Willie on a range of mentoring support to her and her colleagues in a business in the west of Ireland for some years now. My sister has been through some tough things in the last few years and she has throughout been in a very positive frame of mind. A key part of that state of mind for her has been learning about herself and her mind through engagement with Willie.

I contacted Willie and joined the programme in October 2020.  It has been one of the best things I have done for myself. Engaging with Willie and other folk on the programme through chat and Zoom calls, progressing through the programme and starting to meditate a bit has:

  • Helped me to create time for myself and through that discipline I now have opportunities to talk to and think about myself, what I want, how I behave and how I feel.
  • Given me perspective on how I have been living my life and how I could live a more fulfilled life and benefit myself and those close to me. A clearing of the mist which has been disguising what really makes me happy and what my purpose really is.
  • Cherish individual things, experiences, sensations and moments now and focus less on the future and the past. A real awakening of my "self" from the mad rush of the life I have created form myself and lived all these years.
  • Prompted me to stop how I was "being". I am developing at my pace an ability to be present and to recognise and anticipate the importance that state of mind brings to all I want to do and to achieve and enjoy.
  • Eased the stress and worry in my life and allowed me to have a greater perspective on what is important and what is nonsense.
  • Exposed me to how much there is to learn and taken in but that positive changes in how I am can come from short regular meditation periods. I can develop and learn at my own pace. There is a huge reservoir of training and reference information available.

If I was to sum up in one sentence what the last 6 months engaging with Willie on The Psychology of Success programme has meant for me it would be to say:

"I am awakened to the "present" and increasingly I enjoy moments in my life and feeling alive and I see that growing and deepening through my meditation and attention to the only moment I have to experience, which is now."

Ciaran Camplisson



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