I came across Willie Horton early 2019 via facebook. I followed with only very light interest at first and it wasn’t until 2020 when I saw his post for Psycology of Success that I got prompted in my mind to find out more.

As a coach I was eager to learn more tools and techniques, and science behind them, mostly for my clients. So that I could give them as much as I can.

I was not expecting to be doing so much myself! To say that the learning and practice has changed me is an understatement. I had already started meditating the previous year but withough the knowledge of what it really does for my success. Willie's programme has taken it to a whole other level of experience, and flow!

I have done other smaller group work with Willie since as the more I spend time in his presence, the more I learn and grow in every possible way.

I would highly recommend Willie's programme Pscyhcology of Success to anyone, and to be in his Facebook community is amazing. There are always nuggets to hear, and you can never hear them enough!

Fiona Brennan

Success Coach & Mentor



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