I have recently joined the Online Program community so still a newbie - happy to say I'm  feeling a positive change in a short time which I wasn't expecting!   Just following the program in a few months  has helped me  develop relaxation and focus and let me see  the importance of dedicating  time to my well being in working toward living my life to the full.

I’ve enjoyed the learning and guidance as well as the opportunity to work at a pace that suits me.  I feel this  gives me ownership of my own development to move along when  I'm ready.

The Program has a big focus on meditation  and its benefits.  Practicing meditation as part of my day has helped me to stay in the moment. And understanding how it impacts the mind and body was truly an eye opener! 

It's a  very refreshing  community where ideas are discussed and shared freely and the regular meetings via Zoom with other people on the Program have been both fun and exciting.  The conversations are freewheeling with nuggets of info that always surprise!

I did take a while to decide to commit to this program but I have had great results in my life since I have joined and have been so enjoying the adventure and discovery of myself after many years of treading water.

Maureen McDowall (58 years)

Glasgow, Scotland


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