I had read the books, been on the courses... you name it. I just wasn't happy and I knew there must be a science behind it but my brain was in overload and confused about the data out there. Things got worse! Willie talked sense on his introductory videos and so I decided to treat myself to his course.

Hooked, finally by someone who could explain things to me, backed up by science, I requested that he coached me 1-2-1 and I kept on track with his interactive group zoom sessions too. I still do as he truly hold us all accountable. I learned how to exercise my brain, identify what I had been doing wrong all these years and get myself into a state called 'Flow'.

The penny dropped. I started to enjoy life, identify opportunities to take me to where I wanted to be and park those ridiculous thoughts that do nothing but sabotage your very short life. It takes discipline don't get me wrong, but that in itself is a good thing because from discipline comes results, from results comes motivation and now I know how to start my mental engine every day and do what I need to get me to where I want to be.

I think we all need a coach, it's getting the right one. He is a very wise chap indeed!

Kay Kennedy

Manchester, UK


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