Using Mindfulness-Based Tools to Develop and Measure Mindful Leadership


Putting mindfulness at the heart of leadership development delivers measurable and practical results - for your clients... and you. Enable your clients go further, stretch your client relationships, make a greater difference.



Allergan Pharmaceuticals Europe has worked with Willie Horton over the last 11 years. Willie has worked with our leadership team on an individual basis and has also been an excellent facilitator in our team sessions. Willie has excellent experience working with high performance teams and he is very up to date on industry trends and best practice. His unique skill is his ability to get to know teams very quickly, understanding the ‘magic’ that makes them work and giving them the tools to develop and grow.  He is very professional, honest and trustworthy and I would highly recommend him as a business partner. Shauna Crossan, Executive Director HR, Manufacturing Operations Europe, Allergan Pharmaceuticals

I have had the pleasure to be acquainted with Willie for more than 10 years. I and my teams have benefited greatly from his insights, his words of wisdom and his no nonsense approach to help us ‘focus’ and realise our true potential. Willie’s delivery is unique and the lack of formalities involved in his workshops creates for a perfect atmosphere. Willie’s outstanding attribute is his ability to simplify what might initially appear to be a complex issue. While I and my colleagues attended Willie’s work-shops in a corporate capacity, we soon learnt that the benefits are equally as applicable in one’s personal capacity. If you are struggling to focus and are not living in the ‘here and now’, I would highly recommend you engage with Willie. Alan Downey, General Manager, Nestlé Nutrition

Willie introduces people to a new way of looking at things, which is very different in a positive way. The techniques, insights and discussions with Willie promote an enduring and fresh  way of approaching both your career and life balance. Willie's workshops are great for taking time out from a busy schedule in order to reflect on things with like minded people. I highly recommend Willie’s work and would encourage others to get involved. John O'Connor, Project Director, ESB


Willie’s workshops are stimulating, challenging, unique and always interesting.  Stimulating because he presents a view on life and success that is totally different to what you may have heard before.  Challenging, because he puts it up to you to take control of your destiny. Unique, because you won’t hear this stuff in the vast majority of management programs you go on, and interesting because Willie doesn’t just preach his philosophy on life he lives it! Clodagh Hughes, CEO, Motive8 Coaching & Development

I discovered Willie Horton many years ago as I had just taken on the leadership role for the site and was anxious to see if it might help. What started out as a concept of focusing the mind on what you are doing has now become an integral part of how we develop our long-term plans, how we execute those plans and is absolutely a key ingredient for our continued success as an organisation. Pat O'Donnell, SVP Global Manufacturing, Allergan Pharma

Living in the Here and Now and learning to Act instead of spending time thinking has been the most important learning I have had in my living and working life.  Willie Horton helped me to learn how to act and really live in the here and now and it has changed my life. Donald Williamson, Sales Director, Britvic

I have attended a number of Willie Horton’s workshop sessions over the last few years.  I liked the balance that Willie struck between being able to reference latest brain science research while distilling things into concrete tangible steps that workshop participants could incorporate into their busy day-to-day lives.  Another balance that he strikes is between his interest in facilitating people’s growth and his preparedness to challenge people to take responsibility for their own choices.  What’s more Willie manages to strike these balances while keeping a thread of humour running through the sessions.  Attending one of Willie’s workshops is like pulling into a service station for a fill-up of high-grade fuel to set you up for the journey ahead.  To be recommended! Peter Mohan, Managing Director, ClearMind


I'm Willie Horton. Originally from Ireland - I lived and worked there until 2002 - I now live in the beautiful French Alps with my wife... experiencing a life in flow. I'm an accountant, tax consultant and banker but please don't hold any of these things against me!... they enabled me understand ordinary everyday business and life. And, that understanding - I practiced tax with KPMG and PwC and held senior leadership positions in insurance and banking - coupled with my understanding of modern psychology is what makes my work so appealling and practical to my many clients.

I've been working for myself - as a consulting business psychologist - since 1996, helping business owners, including coaches, and leaders and their teams get their head around the practicalities of mindfulness. They develop what I call purposeful mindfulness - the presence of mind to know what's actually going on and what's best to do, the presence that's the hallmark of great leaders - allied to a deep understanding of their goals to the extent that they simplly expect to achieve their goals... and psychology tells us that our expectations influence absolutely everything.

Willie's workshops (and I have participated on three of them now) are wonderful advertisements for the benefits of sitting still, slowing down and finding some 'space to breathe'. What I find remarkable is the discipline that he demonstrates, with the publication of his weekly Ezines (there are now more than 500 of them!), to back up the words and ideas with his own practice and 'way of being'... and the unselfconscious generosity that he shows by sharing his insights. He's a rare and valuable gem! Mike Alsop, Principal, Mike Alsop Development & Coaching



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