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Coaching Videos & Tips - October 22 2020 No.675


So many questions... not just following last week's video but so many big questions, life questions, today questions, important questions - to which you already know the answer.


Today's Quick Tip

Just before you go to bed tonight, ask yourself: "What's the next most important thing I need to do?"

It's a really open question. And, the more open the question you ask, the more precise the answer could well be.

You see, when we sleep, it is our thinking mind that sleeps. That allows our so-called gut instinct come closer to the surface. And that's who were asking!

One more thing: don't forget you can browse around some previous Quick Tips in The Archive.

As I mention in today's Video, deep down, we know the answers to all our questions: small, medium and... grand. The key answer we need, though, is why - not just the big why, but the why to, for example, at its most apparently mundane, the why to what we're doing right now or today.

How does it fit with what I want to be doing? Am I doing it for the wrong reasons (doing it for the money is hardly a right reason!)? How does it relate to the kind of life I want to life? What kind of life do I want to live and why?

Without the why we're all at sea - I use that term deliberately because of our previous conversations in relation to life's big waves. When we know why everything becomes so much easier. There's a whole lot of neuroscience behind that statement.

When we don't know why we're doing what we're doing, we burn a whole lot of "neural energy" in struggling through the task in hand. When we know why we burn so much less. But - and this is the really important but - when we know why and already have a sense of what it will feel like when we have completed the task successfully, we burn almost no neural energy at all.

That's why I'm always using the effortless word! And that's why you don't just need to let your inner answers out, you need to set your mind to the outcome.

See how this whole thing hangs together?

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