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Coaching Videos & Tips - October 15 2020 No.674


It's when you know that life really takes off. Know what? Perhaps know everything in this here and present moment... who knows? But, perhaps, you do.


Today's Quick Tip

"Where am I?" Yes - that's today's Quick Tip - stop and ask yourself this question.

The question could, of course, have many different meanings. But I'm not going to eloborate - I've no intention of leading the witness!

Simply stop and ask. Not just the once - remember do stop and do this a few times - and not just today either!

And, while you're at it, you could, a moment you make for yourself, browse around some previous Quick Tips in The Archive.

I recollect a conversation a few years ago that I had with a client a few weeks after one of my open one-day workshops. She said "That day I fully understood what we were exploring... intellectually. Yesterday I felt it. And, today, I know."

Knowing who you are is beyond understanding. And it's way beyond believing, given that our beliefs are nothing but deeply imprinted and long-held thoughts. Knowing who you are is to encounter the reality of you in the moment - even if just for a fleeting moment.

And knowing who you are is to start unknowing who you thought you were.

If you've ever paid a blind bit of attention to anything on this website, you will fully understand that we all - every single one of us - have long laboured under the programmed illusion of who we think we are. By definition, who we actually are is somebody different, someone to be discovered or, more to the point, uncovered.

This is why we need to ask ourselves such questions as that suggested in today's Video. This is why we need to encounter reality as often as possible. For it will be in such an encounter that we will encounter ourselves.

And then we'll know.

An Irish client recently mentioned to me that any rural Irish person can understand The Field - a movie essentially, as the name suggests, about a few square metres of land!

Well, I'm watching a replay across the road. Posts are hammered into the ground... and removed. A rusting trailer full of half-chopped logs is pushed gingerly across the border. Grass is cut in a crooked line in the hope of annexing a little bit of next door.

And, all the while, a little bile and poison seeps into the atmosphere one snarl at a time. Neither protagonist is young. Both have been hospitalised in the last couple of years. Each should know better than the rest of us that, like the rest of us, they're days are numbered.

They probably need to ask themselves this morning's twin questions!


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