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Coaching Videos & Tips - October 8 2020 No.673


How to make your hopes and dreams reality? Sure, if we knew that, we could change our lives. But you do know how. All you have to do now is implement what you already know.


Today's Quick Tip

If you've watched today's video, you know what today's tip is... and it's a little more than a quick tip!

I suggest you set some time aside to do little or nothing - to let your mind wander off into the good stuff - the stuff of hopes and dreams... we all have them, our normal minds belittle them, but we need to let them float to the surface.

Give yourself the gift of this all-important me time in the next couple of days.

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I've now talked to six people in the last 48hrs about anxiety. They all have their own reasons, some of them real, all of them imagined! And a couple are anxious that they're about to achieve their dream!

So, having said what I've just said, I want to address two particular points here: anxiety is not driven by events or challenges, it is solely created by what we think about those challenges or events. There, we've got my first point dealt with in a single sentence!

The second point needs a little more teaasing out - but the issue is still born of normal thinking. As a client said a few years back: "I'm really anxious, I feel like the dog whose about to catch the car he's been chasing!" Yes, we get anxious that we're about to achieve our big objective or grand dream... because, we've all heard of the pleasure-pain principle or that pride comes before a fall. Yes, even when we're riding the wave of achievement our normal crazy minds will always attempt to drag us back to what we think is reality.

But you and I know - and I've alluded to this in today's video - that reality is what you make it. This is true one way or another. If you're living on the loop created by your formative programming, that's the reality you're creating. If you've set your mind to achieve the kind of outcomes you would love to have... that's the reality you're creating.

Either way it works. And neither way, should anxiety (a useless stream of thought) ever be allowed to get in the way... you choose.

Many years ago, one of my very first clients called me in something approaching a panic - at 6.30am.

"I haven't had a wink of sleep" he started "I've been lying awake in a cold sweat for hours... worried sick."

I asked him what he could have him so worried, to which he replied "I'm worried that I have nothing to worry about!"

We're wired to worry, wired for anxiety, wired to be kept on our (negative) toes. And the wiring in question is akin to a trip-wire. Stop tripping yourself up.


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