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Coaching Videos & Tips - September 17 2020 No.670


What a sick debilitating relationship we have with our idea of ourselves! Today's video explians...

Also, don't forget, we now have 669 previous "editions" in The Archive.


Today's Quick Tip

I want you to stop and ask yourself how you feel about yourself. What do you think about yourself? What do you reckon your strengths and weaknesses are?

I asked a group of clients recently if they'd ever encountered "the real you"... because, whatever answers you coe up with to the above questions, they will, at best, be a pale reflection of the real you... who you could be.

But - and this is great - at least in asking yourself these questions, you will become aware of who you think you are. And that's one mighty step on the road to self-awareness.

Imagine falling for someone who doesn't have your best interests at heart... not that you'd realise it at the time. In fact, not that you'd realise it at all until someone (like me) points the obvious out to you.

As I alluded to just below today's video, we have a very strange relationship with ourselves (or who we think we are) - something of a love-hate thing. It's got us to where we are so we're loath to leave. But, if you realised that this person didn't not just have your best interests at heart but was trying to stifle you at every turn, would you not consider packing your bags? Or, better, packing his or her bags!

No luggage required! Your baggage can be left in the corner and, in doing so, you will have disempowered it.

Now, at this stage, you and I know how to do that. But that doesn't mean it won't bite back, that it won't raise its ugly head, that you won't revert to type or fall. But, when we fall, we must pick ourselves up.

Many years ago a client (you know who you are, you read this each week!) asked me "So, if I fall 30 times today, do I need to pick myself up 30 times?" The answer is a resounding "Yes". But don't despair, we only fall one now at a time.

You might think that the UK Government's "Rule of Six" represents the latest low in bizarre rule-setting. But, to mis-quote Michelle Obama, when they go low, others can go even lower...

There is still a law on the Statute books in California forbidding the pilling of horse faeces on street corners! OK, I'm being a little selective and will freely admit that that's a throwback to, at the very least, the beginning of the last century.

But roll forward to modern-day Switzerland... in some Cantons it is illegal for men to pee standing up after 10.00pm lest it wakes the neighbours!

Imagine the noise it would make if the individual in question was aiming for "Operation Moonshot"!


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