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Coaching Videos & Tips - September 10 2020 No.669


Worry is a waste of your vital energy... and worse. Today's Video explores.

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Today's Quick Tip

First tip of the day: join me in my private Facebook Group To Succeed... Just let Go - you'll see we're already engaging in the kind of conversations that will enable you bring about the kind of change and effortless success that you really and dearly would love to see in your life.

And here's a change you can bring about right now... the second tip of the day! At some point today, deliberately and slowly walk from one point to another by noticing how the soles of your feet meet the ground, how your leg muscles interact with each other, all the way up into your lower back. Notice if your body moves harmoniously, smoothly. Notice if you're leaning or compensating. Get in touch with your one and only interface with the outside world... your own body.

I have a client who regularly reminds me that he often, himself, thinks of the poster a colleague had hanging on his office wall that carried the headline: "Worrying Works... 99% of What I Worry About Never Happens!"

And, of course, this is correct: what were you worrying about this day three years ago? Bet you that you can't remember - but, boy did it consume you at the time. Worry consumes our energy - and leaves us in the kind of energy deficit that stops us doing what we need to be doing to get to where we want to go: today, this week, this quarter, this year... this life.

And, you know, regardless of the challenges that you might be currently facing, worry has nothing to do with them - it has to do with what you think of them. And thinking kills doing. When we're not doing, we're not standing still, we're regressing as life moves on: we only achieve when we do and we can only do when we are unfettered.

More than that, being fettered by our own normal crazy thoughts is akin to walking blindfold through a minefield. You're asking for trouble. You're pouring your energy into what you don't want to happen.

And, in that regard, I really do believe my friend's colleague's poster was wrong.

I can admit my madness, no problem.

The simple act of lifting a watering can - the tomato plants were parched! - mindlessly means my back has been in spasm for the last four days.

It's not (by a long way) the first time I've mindlessly hurt my back - could it be the last? Well, if I were to follow my own advice - like the advice in today's Quick Tip - it might just be.

You need to listen to and look after your own body - it is, as things stand, the only one you have!


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