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Coaching Videos & Tips - September 3 2020 No.668


All good things happen when we just let go. How do you do that? By getting back to basics - hence today's Quick Tip. Today's video explains.

Also, don't forget, we now have 667 previous "editions" in The Archive.


Today's Quick Tip

Today, I would like you to go for a walk to go for a walk. Yes, you've heard me suggest this before. However, if you look back over the last seven weeks of Quick Tips, you'll realise that going for a non-judgemental walk enables you practice all seven tips.

As we've been exploring, we need to come to our senses - the easiest way to do this is to take a little time today - ten minutes will suffice - get outside and see, feel, hear, smell, taste and simply observe the moment, moment-to-moment.

It will further our developing ability to just let go.

And, talking about letting go, why not join me in my private Facebook Group To Succeed... Just let Go.

You might be forgiven for thinking that, in today's Quick Tip, we've gone back to basics. That is both true and oh so far wide of the mark: today's Quick Tip encompasses everything we've been talking about for the last six weeks.

As we explore ourselves, our potential and the way in which the world really works, we can lose sight of the fact that, in reality, as we really need to do is join in.

Join in: the reality of the moment, the flow of universal energy, the wonder of how things can "just happen", the liberation from our own inhibiting patterned thoughts, the joy of being alive.

And all we have to do is turn up!

Yes, life throws us curved balls, daily ups-and-downs and challenges. And, all too often, we question whether just turning up is enough. But turning up enables us catch and return those curved balls with interest, smooth out the day's ups-and-downs and rise to those challenges, transforming the resultatn achievement into perfect moment.

So, put your shoes on, get outside for ten minutes - as I've suggested in today's Quick Tip, and turn up... you never know what might just happen.

You don't need to hear the sound of excited children to know that it's back-to-school time around here... just listen to the sound of jack-hammers, bulldozers and drilling!

Yes, every year it's the same. Having had the whole Summer to do whatever works might be needed, the workmen came out in force on Monday. The local school's roof was being ripped off this morning as I went for an early morning walk - half the playground (which is already restricted as a result of Covid) was cordoned off so that an army of men on the roof could throw projectiles in the direction of fascinated children.

But there's even more craziness in the neighbouring village. They've dug up the pathways and pedstrian crossings outside the primary school and set up a one-way system with traffic lights and... absolute chaos. And I was driving past on Monday - the day before all the parents and children (who are supposed to be social distancing) arrived to clog the whole of the centre village up.

On the other hand, all these workmen were otherwise engaged over the Summer because, same as every year, they'd been digging up all the mountain roads that lead to the holiday villages!


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