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Coaching Videos & Tips - August 13 2020 No.665


Now there's a word with negative connotations... surrender. And, yet, it's time for you to simply just let go. You'll understand when you've watched the video.


Today's Quick Tip

The old adage that you should "stop and smell the roses" is where we've arrived at in our tour of the five senses that you, yourself, need to come to!

We are, as normal crazy people, so disconnected from the reality offered us by our five senses that, not only do we take it all for granted (automatically), we're not even aware of what's actually going on (see below!)

So... stop. Take a big deep breath and notice what you smell: it could be anything between beautiful and foul but, I'll tell you this: in this moment, what you're smelling is the smell of real unvarnished reality.

Oh aren't we so great that we think we know what we have to do to get to where we want to go! So wonderful that we think how things will work in a particular order or according to a particular schedule! Aren't we fantastic that we know that there will be definite milestones on our journey to our key goals. And, when you're a man with a plan (or, obviously, a woman with a plan) aren't you ready for action and all set up for success.

This is the stuff of fantasy, the stuff of strategic planning and project management. Did you know that over 90% of software projects in large organisations never - never ever - come to fruition? Did you now that most people's personal plans (like, for example, people's so-called body projects) fall apart at the first sign of something unforeseen happening... as if we could foresee beyond the end of our nose.

No, we're great, not at thinking that we know best but, in actual fact, simply deluding ourselves. And, as a result, we don't just suffer from delusions, we suffer from (repeated) disilluion.

The only way you're going to achieve any big in your life - like for example living your life to the full - is by forgetting planning or anything you've ever thought about what you have to do to achieve your goals and objectives.

What you're got to do to achieve those goals and objectives is, quite simply, what you've got to do now! Full stop.

You may have seen reportage about how one of Covid-19's symptoms is loss of smell and how, for those who have experienced it, don't appreciate what they have until they lose it.

Well spare a thought for the guy who, when he first started meditating and focusing on his breathing, realised that he had no sense of smell and - even stranger - that he could not (and, on investigation, never could) breathe through his nose!

We are, as normal crazy people, so buried in the wonderful world of thought that, not only can we not see what's going on under our noses, we're not even all that sure if our nose is there!


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