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Coaching Videos & Tips - August 6 2020 No.664


Have I lost the plot - last week I urged caution, today I'm talking about realistic. But, as always, there's a twist! Watch the video - you can also download the audio too.


Today's Quick Tip

We're continuing the theme of the last couple of weeks - we've done listen and look... today I want you to feel.

And I mean that completely literally. Choose something - something that you see every day, something apparently ordinary. Hold it in your hand, let your fingertips explore it, run the palm of your hand over it.

Feel it as if for the first time. Don't go by how you normally think about it, feel it for real.

As you'll have gathered, we're working our way through our five senses... we really do need to come to them!

I can shortcut today's Video for you, if you like and sum it up in one simple sentence: Your goals only have to be realistic to you.

We ascribe all kinds of notions to the word realistic. But, in the end, realistic-ness is nobody else's business but your's - realistic is like beauty - it's in the eye of the beholder.

This absolute cast-iron fact is another reason what you should share your goals and dreams with only the people who really matter to you - they're nobody else's business.

Now, you'll notice I've used the word dreams. We need to dream big - we need to let our minds off the leash, we need to allow our minds daydream - we need to just let go.

Then, we can transform our dreams into reality by setting our minds in a way that we simply and subconsciously expect them to happen. This is how your mind works anyway - let it do it's best work according to your own command.

There's a piece of research into how people shop online that suggests that, if you give people too much choice, they'll choose nothing!

And so it was at 5.35pm yesterday evening in a largely deserted supermarket carpark. A motorist arriving behind me pulled into a space in the middle of one of the almost empty aisles, adjusted the car, got out to see if it was neatly between the white lines, got back in and drove to a different spot in the next aisle... and repeated the whole process, three times... I was enthralled by the spectacle, simply had to watch.

Finally, having chosen a different aisle in the carpark, he decided to reverse into it - that took more than one attempt and a little checking too.

And there was I thinking that live entertainment is now allowed at present!


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