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Coaching Videos & Tips - July 30 2020 No.663


I'm always talking about letting yourself go - almost throwing cuation to the wind. So, why am I talking about being cautious today? Well, you're going to have to watch the video to find out and, of course, you can also download the audio too.


Today's Quick Tip

Last week we were listening - today I want you to look. Look and see.

Normally, we look, think and then see what's been filtered through that thought. So we don't see what's before our very eyes.

So, today, pick something that you see every day and study it visually. Don't think, just observe. Notice.

This type of practice will enable you begin to see everything more clearly.

I've been told (many times) that it would be scary to be a success because one might lose one's friends or, at least, some of them. You don't need "friends" like that.

If often been told that it can be scary being different and that being different would be uncomfortable. So one should stay uncomfortable in one's "comfort zone".

Often, it seems to me, we're afraid of discovering our own potential - it's safer to stay in our box. Of course, it must be said that, from an evolutionary perspective, it is, indeed, safer to stay in your box!

But what kind of "life" is that? Surely we're here to achieve more than just survive because, until we do begin to discover our own potential, we're really not living at all... just going through the motions.

And all we need to do to go on the journey of self-discovery is to take small tentative steps. Take one today... see today's Quick Tip.

Yesterday I found myself wondering at what age do we start being normal crazy! We were sitting by the lake watching a group comprised of two large families. Everyone was having fun except one little girl. No matter what she started doing, she ended up sitting on her own, a few metres away from everyone else, sulking. Her little world was horrible.

A little later, it dawned on me. A couple of the children were messing about, as children do and this little girl's mother was accidentally hit in the face. She screamed, she stood up and stamped her foot and then lay down clutching her face as if she had been mortally wounded... it was, at least, as good as any faked reaction you'll ever have seen in professional football.

There you have it, before my very eyes, the old adage "monkey see, monkey do" in action.


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