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Coaching Videos & Tips - July 23 2020 No.662


What do you get for taking control of your own state of mind? Whatever you want... effortlessly. That's what we're talking about in today's video... you can also download the audio too.


Today's Quick Tip

Today, I suggest that you listen.

Listen to the sounds around you - just listen and notice. Don't think about or judge what you're hearing.

Listen to what others are saying. Don't be thinking about what you're going to say next. Just listen. Don't add your wvery own personal judgement on who you think they are and what, as a result, you think they're saying. Just listen.

My clients are always talking about "Aha Moments" or that moment when "the penny drops". Pennies are dropping all teh time... pennies from heaven! That's what today's video is all about. Opportunity abounds.

The problem we have when we allow our minds to run normally, automatically, is that we put up a big black umbrella so that, regardless of how hard opportunity is raining down on us, we don't get wet! The point is, there is no black umbrella, we make it up... automatically.

When we clear our minds we begin to realise that there is opportunity all around us. As one of my clients says: "it's like they just fall into my lap... but those opportunities were already there, now I can see them."

When we clear our minds it's like the scales fall from our eyes. When we stop judging (or actually prejudging) what's going on, we notice anew and afresh... we notice what was standing right before us. Hence today's little exercise, in today's Quick Tip, on noticing what's actually going on!

The life you want is staring you in the face. The steps you need to take to get there are right in front of you. All you need to do is turn up to the here and now, free of your mental baggage, and you'll see what I mean... this stuff really does work.

A couple of weeks back we were talking about smelling peaches! It got me thinking about how my Mother would never buy from the fruit and veg traders in Dublin's Moore Street. They wouldn't let you pick your own fruit and, despite the fact that they appeared to pick your fruit randomly, they always managed to give you a bag of badly bruised peaches!

In French markets, they do the bruising for you! Last Saturday we selected six ripe peaches and the girl on the stall attempted to put them in a paper back the size of a postage stamp... twice. On both occasions the bags tore, the peaches fell all over the place and, as you might imagine, despite our protestations, we got six bruised peaches!

But, at least, she'd offered us a bag. We bought lettuce at another stall and, the trader having heard us speaking English to each other, told us he had now bags... standing right beside a pile of them!


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