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Coaching Videos & Tips - July 9 2020 No.660


It's a phrase we often hear - your undivided attention - but one that the normal mind simply does not understand... at all. So, watch the video or download the audio!

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Today's Quick Tip

As you'll notice from today's Video, even the slightest flash of pure mental clarity will immediately deepen your experience of real presence or effortless Flow. When we experience these fleeting flashes, we lern first-hand of the other world that is before our very eyes... otherwise known as the real real world!

So today's Quick Tip is really simple. Stick with your daily meditation through thick and thin - let these flashes occur. And, if you're not meditating daily, you know what you have to do.

And the great thing is that it only takes six or seven minutes each morning to gradually open your mind to the real real world and the real real you.

Your undivided attention... the missing link in your life, the most important piece that we can bring to the party, the most important gift that we can give ourselves, the gift that keeps on giving, moment-to-moment.

We were oh so good at giving everything - the good, the bad and the ugly - our undivided attention when we were three years old. We could spend hours playing with our Lego or our Dolls' House... I know stereotipically gendered examples but, if you cast your mind back, you know exactly what I'm talking about. We could be lost in those endeavours for hours on end - the epitome of being in Flow.

I bring up Lego (that was my thing!) for a very special reason. When we were young and impressionable we were adepts in the art of being in Flow. In other words, Flow is our natural state of mind. The world of thought is unnatural and, when you reflect on this, you instinctively know that this is true.

So, when we meditate, we're not training ourselves... we are retraining, rediscovering.

Clients regularly tell me that they find stilling their mind difficult or next to impossible. I believe they're labouring (literally) under the illusion that this is something superhuman that they are trying to develop. And, yet, nothing could be closer to our original state, our true nature.

I see that Governments are reminding people that, when wearing a face mask, it should cover both nose and mouth... seems pretty obvious to me - after all Covid-19 is a respiratory disease (amongst other things).

And, yet: our weekly fruit and vegetable shop this week has been an exhibition of stupidity on a grand scale. Face masks covering only the mouth; a face mask dangling around one ear; a face mask sported on the top of the head like a fashion accessory, like a pair of sunglasses.

But try this for size: a very well-dressed lady, with face mask properly worn covering nose and mouth. So far, so good... until she pulls the face mask off to smell three or four peaches that she holds in direct contact with her nose - and then replaces them!

No further comment.


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