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Coaching Videos & Tips - June 11 2020 No.656


If you look through all the videos and tips back to 2008, you'll find that there is really just one common thread: you and I create our lives and you and I can recreate them. Faced with an externally imposed golden opportunity, what are we doing about it? And what you we do about it together?

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Today's Quick Tip

Stop to experience the moment. Drop everything and pause. As life begins to return to normal, take precious moments (which you'll never be able to take again as each moment arises and passed) to ensure that your life does not return to normal.

Slow down. So many people tell me that they don't have enough hours in their day. But we'd have more than enough if we took our time to ensure that we were just doing the right things... properly.

Remember what's important - it's often a million miles removed from what is urgent.

Take one moment at a time - this is where your life is lived to the full.

We've all had them: an epiphany, an aha moment, a life-changing experience...

I often tell the story of a friend of ours who was rushed to hospital with a brain haemorrhage. As she rejoiced on making an unexpected recover she gushed that she would never raise her voice to her three lovely children again... never. A couple of months later, as we did our weekly shop, we heard an almighty screaming (and slapping) match going on in the next aisle... you can guess the rest.

In a recent conversation, a client made the profound observation that, unlike the manner in which we would experience a personal epiphany, Covid-19 had provided us with a collective life-changing experience. He foresaw a collective shift.

Collective anything requires individual action. Individual action is a matter of discipline. Often, when I say discipline to my clients, their thoughts turn to being beaten at school! You must remember the environment in which we older folks grew up!!

Here, I'm talking about the gentle self-discipline of deliberately consciously breathing in and our for a few minutes: in the morning, during the day, at any moment we see fit to simply come back to the reality of the moment.

We need to act. Nothing comes without action. Yes, you can know that your goals will be achieved... but nothing is achieved without the necessary action.

A few years back, I was chatting with the Editor of a major US lifestyle magazine. She told me how she was, like very other person in her position, pestered by people trying to make a name for themselves by having her publish their article. And she told me that eight out of ten people who succeeded in being commissioned to write an article simply never came up with the goods!

And, speaking of not coming up with the goods, I was recently talking with a buyer for a major chain of stores who told me that eight out of ten suppliers who succeed in winning major orders for their product, fail to deliver more than a portion of the orders that they so craved... the suppliers simply cancel the rest!

Is it chasing the car that turns us on as normal crazy people? How can we fall short of winning the race as we round the final bend or jump the final hurdle? Or, to put it another way, what the hell is wrong with us?


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