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Coaching Videos & Tips - June 4 2020 No.655


We all have them... moments when we wonder if we've made any much progress at all, moments when the "old you" comes back to haunt you. After all, we're all only human. But, seeing as how life is lived in moments...

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Today's Quick Tip

If you find yourself losing the plot, going off the rails or even just getting a little hot and bothered... what a wonderful opportunity to press the reset button, take a couple of nice long deep breaths and make sure that one less-than-perfect moment doesn't spill into another. Remember, you're in charge.

So, when I say in today's Video that you're blessed, you should also count your blessings when you realise that you are going of the rails or losing the plot. Why? Because you've realised it - and that puts you amongst the world's most tuned in people.

So, as today progresses, use those slip-ups to pick yourself up and get on with the moment-to-moment business of living life to the full.

There isn't a day goes by without some sort of challenge. Small, medium, large or potentially life-changing, we're all, regularly on the receiving end. That, as we say, is life.

Some people genuinely thing (think being the operative word) that, once they develop their mindfulness, presence or whatever you'd prefer to call it yourself, life is going to be some form of walk in the park. Sometimes life is more akin to wading knee-deep through the proverbial (fill in your preferred blank!). I've heard so-called experts, speaking to large gatherings, suggest (and the large gatherings are highly suggestable) that, once you've mastered your mind, nothing bad will ever happen you again. Obviously, nothing could be further from the truth.

If life were a bowl of cherries, at least have of them would have worms! It's just the way it is. But any sane person would ensure that they were alert enough to only indulge in the good ones... and I've deliberately used the word "indulge" - we need to indulge in the wonder of life in the moment. And, if and when we have to deal with something unpalatable, we do it without making ourselves ill... and I've used that word deliberately too because, if we are not at complete ease in our minds, we're going to inevitably suffer from dis-ease.

It's all a matter of ensuring that, moment-to-moment, even when we're involved in a less-than-perfect moment, we go about our lives with our head screwed on and suitably tuned in. That's what today's Quick Tip urges you to do because, being only human, we all could, if we let them, get dragged back down by such wayward moments.

A couple of weeks back I mentioned a neighbour who, throughout "lockdown" had carried on as usual, out with his mates for his usual morning and after-lunch coffees/get-togethers... rules did not apply!

Was walking down the road yesterday evening and the man in question was standing in his own garden and, fair play to him, as we chatted he fully obeyed the requisite social distance. But, I was intrigued, to say the least...

Here was a man, in his own garden, who had been out every single day as if nothing were happening... wearing a surgical mask - in his own garden - whilst smoking a cigarette!

Yes, you read that right... he was coaxing the fag end of the cigarette over the top of his mask... it was a toss-up whether his nose hair or the mask itself would go up in flames!


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