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Coaching Videos & Tips - May 28 2020 No.654

20.5secs of COMPLETE CALM

Well now, we might have said last week that life was not the proverbial "bed of roses" but I think I can actually do better than that today... watch this short video through, it's not called 20.5sec of Complete Calm for nothing!

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Today's Quick Tip

You actually don't need a separate Quick Tip today - the tip is all over the place: in the middle of today's really short video, to the final couple of sentences in today's Reflection.

But the tip is also all over the place in an entirely different way... your life, right now is providing you with the prompts - dive in, you'll find that the wonder of life is staring you right in the face... and in the ear, the palm of your hand, the taste in your mouth...

Where's the use in being completely calm at 7.00am and completely all over the place by coffee break? What's the point of a morning mindfulness exercise if it doesn't translate into real and tangible results during the course of the day?

The answer to the first question comes in two parts: you're better off starting the day calm than on Autopilot; but that's of limited use if you let (it's a choice) the effect wear off at the first sign of trouble or distraction.

The second question is even easier to answer: No point at all!

Mindfulness is actually dangerous if it doesn't translate into results: we can end up being all warm, fuzzy and happy, content or even joyful with non-results... that's an awfully slippery slope. But, like all slopes, that's only the downside!! The upside of ensuring that your mindfulness delivers for you - in real life, in real time - is extraordinary. Not can be... is.

So, how to we ensure that our mindfulness is real (and, obviously, present!) to us during the cut and thrust of our day? Build it into your day. As you've seen from today's video, it can take as little as 20.5 seconds. And you don't need an Alpine stream as a prop: your life is filled with props, moment to moment - from the chirping of the birds to the hum of the washing machine; from the freshness of toothpaste on your teeth to the excitement of a mouthful of wine... the list is as endless as it is all around you.

So choose - you have a moment-to-moment choice, that's the reality of life: choose to give yourselve moments of complete calm during your day. When you do - and I can guarantee this - the calm will spill over into everything in your life.

A good friend working in Paris is, as the only native English speaker in the company he works for, the go-to person for all English transation. That said, his colleagues, with second-level English, are constantly "correcting" him - and it's in danger of turning him into a Normal Crazy Person!

The current, ongoing, raging battle is about the singular use of them and their - commonly used in everday English. But his colleagues believe that everything is either masculine or feminine (and generally in that order!) or, worse, the singular should simply be an it.

Of course, living where we live, we're well used to the bizarre English translations that this throws up, particularly on restaurant menus: fish with her salad; cheese with his bread; steak with his chef's dick!

Yes, you read the last one correctly... told you French to English translation leaves much to be desired!


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