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Coaching Videos & Tips - May 21 2020 No.653


Life is not always the proverbial "bed of roses"! Often we find ourselves confronted with tasks that we'd simply prefer not to have to do - for a variety of different reasons. Today's video explores...

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Today's Quick Tip

There is probably something that you need to do today that you'll think about for a while... and then not do it!

There may be something that you think you can put off until tomorrow... and then put it off again.

Instead, take a short pause - only needs to be 60secs or so - and imagine the weight lifting having actually completed the task. And write it down... write it down and tick it off when you simply just go and do it.

Oh - and have a quick look at today's Reflection.

Between today's Video and Quick Tip I've mentioned the dreaded word - thinking - quite a few times. But the thinking that I've mentioned is only the tip of the iceberg.

Yes, we think all kinds of inappropriate things about ourselves: how I can't do this or couldn't possibly do that; how I simply couldn't bring myself to saying something that really needs to be said or how putting myself out there would make me feel uncomfortable. We all know these thoughts. And we all know that that is all they are - thoughts.

In addition, I do believe that we actually think that some unpalatable tasks will simply go away if we ignore them long enough! Sometimes they do (they're the things we should never have been doing at all) but, more often than not, this is the kind of stuff that comes back to haunt us - and I use this word deliberately!

When we don't do what we know we need to do we invite in a whole new set of debilitating thoughts: annoyance, frustration, anxiety, worry and, the one I like the best... guilt. We're really good at doing guilt. And, yes, we haunt ourselves with these thoughts to the point where we end up losing sleep over them.

All bad things start, continue, continue, continue and end with thought. It's a sick cycle of self-imposed hardship and pain that simply stops the minute we stop thinking and start being... being in the moment. Becuase, being in the moment doesn't just allow us do what we need to do - it enables us do what we need to do effortlessly.

And one final thing: imagine the amount of time and energy you'd free up by not doing any of that thinking!

I know people everywhere are trying to grapple with the so-called new normal... imagine that - normal crazy people trying to create a new (crazy) normal! But...

We had our first outing to one of the local lakes a couple of days ago. And, sure enough, everyone was doing their very best to keep their social distance. But their best was simply not good enough when it came to parking their cars: the local authorities had cordoned off about 200 spaces to that everyone was jam-packed into 30 or so spaces - still can't figure that out!

And, you might remember, a few weeks ago I mentioned that our local supermarket had been examplary in looking after both staff and customers with a queuing system, security guards and limiting the number of shoppers on-site at a time. All gone! As if the virus had got the notice about the gradual opening-up of lockdown!

And, yes, people are still buying toilet roll by the trolley load!


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