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Coaching Videos & Tips - April 23 2020 No.649


There's nothing more infectious or contagious in this world than... you need to watch the video: it's less than three minutes long and it's important - not just for you but for every one of us.

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Today's Quick Tip

Watch today's video and you'll understand the paramount importance of today's Quick Tip.

You need to take or make time during this day - today - to stop and breathe. To breathe long and slow, deep and full... to, quite literally as you'll see from today's Reflection - ground yourself, earth yourself.

Don't just do this once today - do it often, the more we ground ourselves, the more our behaviour and actions will be grounded... and that makes a difference for all of us.

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Our mood is infectious - even if we yawn in company you can be guaranteed that everyone else in our company will yawn shortly afterwards... as a complete but interesting aside, yawning doesn't mean "I'm tired" - it means "I'm bored" - it's an evolved signal designed to diffuse potential conflict. As I said, mood is contagious.

But there's more to it than that. Not only does our state of mind or mood effect others, it has an impact on the planet. Your energy effects my energy effects all energy... we are energetic beings in an energetic world. As quantum physics would have it, we are an integral part of a large energy exchange.

And the rate at which your brain is vibrating - the electical impulses it modulates through your body impacts the earth's electronmagnetic field - and that impacts, in turn, everyone's neural and paraneural electrical state too.

That's why today's Quick Tip suggests that you ground yourself - to use an electrical analogy, we need to earth ourselves... but it's no analogy, it's hard science. And the more we understand the hard science of the impact we have on one another, the better.

Or, better still, the more we experience that impact... by spreading the calm.


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