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Coaching Videos & Tips - April 16 2020 No.648


It's like lots of things in life - I've got some bad news for you and I've got some good news.  We'll get the bad news out of the way first... actually you're going to have to watch (and/or listen... see below) to today's Video.  And the good news is really, super-important!

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Today's Quick Tip

Two Quick Tips today:

Do be selfish... look after yourself first.  Do it now.  Take a few minutes to "smell the roses" (or the coffee, the fresh air... whatever).  Get in touch with the moment - get in touch with you.

And don't be selfish... would you ever share today's video (just click the social share buttons on the left of the video) - someone else might need to immunise themselves too.

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I want to pick up on a key point that I touch on in today's video: the impact that stress has on the body.  You will be familiar with how stress increases the heart-rate and ups the blood pressure.  What you may not know is that it augments the body's production of fatty cholesterol.  Add these factors together and you've got a "treble-whammy" that is, as we speak, shortening the healthy lives of all those people who think they're suffering from stress.

It was Henry Ford that said "If you think you can't do something, you're right and, if you think you can do something, you're right" - what we think creates our version of reality.  What you think of what's going on now - any now - generates your emotional response, which colours your behaviour (or, more often than not, misbehaviour) and creates your all-too-personal version of reality.

Consider this: the exact same event will excite one person, envigourate someone else, motivate another person... and stress someone else out.  Stress is entirely personal - and it's all in the mind. 

How you think manages the interactivity of all the key connections in your brain - it manages the chemical interactions, reactions and transmissions - so that, what started out as a thought, starts destroying your body from the inside out.

There are no defining lines, no demarcations, between your mental wellness and your physical health.  WHO cordinated research confirms that coronary disease is stress-induced and, as we speak, researching is building on the links between stress and cancer. 

All disease, starts with dis-ease.  Ease your mind, free it up, let your self-destructive thoughts pass.  Look after yourself, body and mind.

In the same way that the sports columns are currently indulging in the nostalgia of "my favourite macth", I thougth I'd delve into the archives for today's story - if for no other reason than a lot of normal crazy behaviour at present simply isn't funny.

Before we moved down the valley - when we moved to France first we lived in a small skiing village where the locals thought people from the next village were foreigners! - I was explaining to a good friend just how "welcoming” our French neighbours were (more of that some other time!).

He told me that, prior to moving to Germany, he had had the undoubted pleasure of living in Switzerland, where the local laws included a ban on washing your laundry at the weekend if you lived in an apartment building – the noise of the washing machine might upset the neighbours – and, if you were planning to have a party in your home, you needed to invite the neighbours if you intended the party to go on beyond 10.00pm.

One Saturday evening, he had a large group of friends – and neighbours – in for one of his famed house parties. Come ten o’clock, his next-door neighbours thanked him very much for a wonderful evening and left. Twenty minutes later, the police arrived, having received a complaint from the neighbours who had left at ten o’clock!



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