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Coaching Videos & Tips - April 9 2020 No.647


Bet you that you never thought of being self-centred as an admirable pursuit... think again.  Or, actually, don't think! (little good ever comes from normal thinking)...


Today's Quick Tip

Watch today's video and then take or, actually, give yourself the gift of five or six minutes "me time"... it's not just that you deserve it - it's a pre-requisite for being the best you that you can be today.

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I've used the word "pre-requisite" in today's Quick Tip... the absolute imperative need that we all have to ensure that, at least for this here and now, I am at the helm, in charge of my own state of mind.

When you are, they're ain't no mountain high enough, ain't no valley low enough... we can achieve anything to which we choose to set our minds.  And, because we have such important choices to make - about what we want to achieve - keeping your state of mind pristine becomes a double imperative.

There are plenty of people in this world who know how to set their minds - there are plenty of people who make the choice to set their minds to achieve what they think is good for them - but has awful consequences for others... there are plenty of people in this world who couldn't know what the right thing is to do because they've never experienced the benefit of a clear and present mind.

I spend my life talking about what I call The Two-Piece Jigsaw - proper focus (a clear and focused mind) plus proper goals (a "set" mind) equals the kind of life you want... but it's an interactive two-piece jigsaw - the two pieces "play off" each other in something resembling a self-perpatuating dance.

As I said, this means that you don't just need to look after your state of mind today... you need to double-do-it.

Let's look at the wonderful side of what's happening our normal world over the course of the weeks through which we are living...

We have people serenading each other from apartment balconies - people who have lived cheek-by-jowel for years and never knew each other; we have people applauding front-line workers for their dedication - some of whom are the lowest paid workers in society; we have people having familiy get-togethers online - teh size of which would only happen at an Irish funeral!

We are seeing the inherent good that we all have within us - we're re-evaluating what's important, who's important... and we're wondering how long it will last!

It's up to you and me to make it last.


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